Here at SharpFitness, I strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your workout goals  and your life. I provide Personal Fitness Training for individuals, couples and groups. Safe, affordable and effective workouts for YOUR BEST results. Each workout is personalized for your specific goals and fitness level. Every workout is challenging, fun and incorporates functional movement so you maximize fat-burning cardio conditioning, core strength and flexibility.


Functional training and core strength are my specialty. Exercise should do more than burn calories. It should correct posture, prevent injury and strengthen the body to move correctly. 

No matter what your fitness goals, I am an advocate for properly executed training techniques. To create your workouts, I incorporate the medicine ball, bosu ball, free weights, kettlebells

and your own body weight. 

My latest addition:  The M2 Total Trainer, is the only machine that strengthens the body by replicating all of the body's movement patterns. Call for a FREE mini-workout demonstration.

It's unlike any workout you've ever experienced! 


It's simple. Get on a balanced nutrition plan: eating the right balance of protein, healthy fats

and GOOD carbs; making sure you're eating enough calories (and, of course, not too many);

and eating lean and clean choices. This is where I can help you...Call for a FREE Nutrition Consultation! It's easier than you think.

bootcamp fitness classes

Don't let the name scare you...there's no yelling! You work at your own fitness pace and all levels are welcome. I motivate you to push yourself to get the most out of your workouts! If you're bored working out alone or just need a new challenge...Join us! Great group of fitness enthusiasts!

MON 6:00pm   •  tues 7:30am/6:00PM

THURS 7:30am/6:00PM   •  Sat 9:00am

Yoga Sat 8:00am

                             Try the first class for FREE!

Hours of operation

My studio is open 5 days a week: Monday-Saturday! And, to top it off, I train when my clients need me.​ That's right. If you need to train at 5am before work, on your lunch break or after you get off work at 7pm...I'm there for you. You have no excuses!


Package 1 (Half-hour): 10 sessions for $480...$48/session

Package 2 (Full-hour):  10 sessions for $680...$68/session

Ask about the price break when you sign up for 20 sessions! 


What's your goal? Want to lose weight, change your eating habits, have more energy, feel better in your clothes and your body or maybe want to make a lifestyle change?

If you're having trouble doing it on you own...Let me help! 

Call me for a FREE Fitness Consultation 830.865.0198


Personal Training 

Personal Training



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